How To Break Free From A Dead End Life

How To Break Free From A Dead End Life In my role as a Pastor and praca w holandii od zaraz ( counselor I encounter many people who have found themselves seemingly at a dead end in life. Not only do they lack purpose—or the purpose they have is not one they sought or wanted—but they seem to blunder from disaster to disaster on a fairly consistent basis. And they can’t seem to break away from it. Every attempt to break away ends up landing them back in it.

There are many, many people who have such a life. For the most part, unless they’re fairly young and inexperienced, they don’t even need to be convinced that they need to break away from their lifestyle, they just don’t know how to. All the advice in the world to improve their life is pretty much in vain unless they can somehow break free. And it’s not easy to break free. Lifestyles are habit forming.

This is a wonderful thing when the lifestyle is healthy and purposeful. In the event you loved this short article and you want to receive more information concerning szukam pracy pomorskie please visit the page. But when the lifestyle isn’t, it is like being covered in chains with a hundred pad locks hindering all efforts to remove them. At this point, it doesn’t even matter how they got involved with the lifestyle to begin with, they simply need to break free. To break the chains of a dead end life, follow this procedure: FIRST, LIST ALL THE THINGS YOU THINK YOU SHOULD BE DOING You’ll pretty much already know the things you ought to be doing different.

When I counsel people, they will invariably say something like, ‘I know I should be coming to Church’, or ‘I know I shouldn’t hang around that person’, or ‘I know living there is a bad idea’, or ‘I know that I should involve God more in my life’, or ‘I know I need to get some help for that’, or ‘I know I should get a job’, and so forth.

Most people in a dead end life already know what they need to do different. They’ve had people tell them already, or they already figured it out. So list them. Get a piece of paper and list all the things that you know you ought to be doing different. If you aren’t sure, get some advice from those that love you. But write them all down. SECOND, LIST ALL THE EXCUSES AS TO WHY YOU CAN’T DO THEM When I talk to people in a dead end life, they will always come up with excuses as to why they haven’t been able to change.

Fine, write them all down. Write the thing you should do different and then, underneath it, write all the reasons and excuses that prevent you from doing it. Don’t say, “Well there really isn’t any excuse, I just need to do it.” That won’t help you. There is, in your mind, reasons for why you can’t change. Write them down. Be honest. What justifications do you have for not doing the things you know you need to be doing?

Write them all down.

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