9 Skills to Barter

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Those friendly neighbors from down the road could turn on you if they’re told you only have enough for your family or you might not even have that,Once people get hungry and desperate they won’t be near as civilized as they would be under other circumstances. There are skills which can be used for barter and they cannot be stolen away even if people know you have them. Survival skills that you have learned like starting a fire without a lighter and your neighbors have no idea how to do it.You can purify water to prevent dehydration.

Construction skills like roofing or carpentry are very valuable if there is damage to houses as in most natural disasters.What are you willing to trade to keep a roof over your families head?How about putting a door on to lock out other people? Mechanics can get a car up and running if they have their own tools.Many people are going to want to leave following a disaster.Most people today can’t work on their own car.

Small engine repair is similar to mechanics, but just different enough to keep most mechanics from working on them.During a crisis you’ll be in demand as people will be using generators and other small engines for repairs. Survival gardening will keep you from going hungry. Your neighbors may not have one and may want to barter for some of your fruits and vegetables.They may want to also barter for your seeds and knowledge on growing them.

Animal breeding and your ability to raise chickens,rabbits or goats for what you need will feed your family.Your hungry neighbors are probably going to want some too.They will want to barter for an animal or two.If the supply line is cut for an extended period, then they may want to barter for two of each live animal.. Defense skills can be bartered as a service in helping keep your neighborhood stay safe from gangs and invaders. Grunt Labor is always in demand after any disaster or crisis as there is always plenty of heavy lifting to go around.You can barter your labor for food or water or whatever you need.

Medical professional will be in high demand after a crisis. These specialized skills will come in handy immediately after the crisis hits and praca od zaraz poznań in the wake that comes afterwards.Even without a full medical bag a professional could still set splints and treat injuries. In end anything that you and your family are going to need or want others are going to also.Any skills you have and can use make you more valuable to the community and easier to barter with.

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