Brief History of Hoop Dance & Exercise Creation & Development

Brief History of Hoop Dance & Exercise Creation & Development HULA HOOP HISTORY 1958-2010 Brief History of Hoop Dance & Exercise Creation & Development Los Angeles California is known as the Hoop City, the birth place of hula hoop in 1958 in USA. Southern California is also the land opiekunka osób starszych niemcy bez znajomości języka of developing hula hooping from a just a children’s outdoor game to a productive adult fitness tool in 21st century. Today all over the world families, children, moms, and dads are enjoying hoop dancing, exercising, and playing.

When you beloved this article in addition to you wish to be given more details regarding praca czechy dla par z zakwaterowaniem generously check out our own webpage. Every year annual USA national & international hoop championship competitions are held, where tens of thousands of hoopers from all over the world get together to have fun and demonstrate their talents. In 1957, an Australian company began making wood rings for sale in retail stores which gets the attention of a fledgling California toy manufacturing company:Wham-0.» In 1958, Richard P. Knerr & Arthur K.

Melin manufactured plastic hoops in different colors. Hula hoop showed to be a great success -100 million sold in the world’s market in the first year.Note: What is a Hula-hoop? «A light multi-colored plastic hoop whirled around the body for play or exercise by the movement of the hips.» (Definition source: Webster’s Dictionary.)Hula Hoop Culture in the First Decade of 21st Century: The first decade of the 21st century has witnessed the rapid growth of «hula hooping» in the American culture as well as around the world.

The biggest growth of hula hooping as a fitness exercise was within the adult fitness & also circus-style hooping tricks. There are many hoop dancers, performers, and hoop-exercise instructors around the country, who started to make new hula hoops for different purposes. One of these goals is to create a hula hoop with which one can do circus-style hooping tricks. As a result, people have witnessed the application of hula hooping & doing amazing tricks by different circus-aerobic performers on different TV shows, such as on NBC, CNN, ABC, & also on several different shows in Las Vegas, Nevada.The First Lady Michelle Obama- Hooping Exercise in the White House: This decade witnessed also the moving of hula hoop from people’s backyards to the front yard of the White House.

In October 21st , 2009, First Lady Michelle Obama welcomed elementary school students to the White House for a «Healthy Kids Fair» to promote healthy eating & exercise for children. One of the main goals was to focus on the importance of educating our kids about healthy eating according to Mrs. Obama. The First Lady also successfully managed to encourage kids and their parents to get more involved in outdoor activities to promote a healthier life style for all American families.

The First Lady’s activities in this area, encouraged the usage of hula hoop & hooping throughout the country to contribute in a more advancement of hula hoop culture in USA.

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