Exploring Penis Problems: What’s a Semen Allergy?

You will find penis conditions that seem to make perfect sense. Got a sore penis? Which might be the outcome of overzealous masturbation or perhaps a bit a lot of sex (hard to imagine there’s such a thing!). Got an itchy penis? Which may be the outcome of using a different cleanser or skipping a night of using moisturizing product for the penis. But what about a semen allergy? Sometimes the most effective penis care aficionado may not have a remedy for that one!

What is a semen allergy?

Many people have hypersensitivity to something, of grass and pollen to pets to dust. Some even have life-threatening allergies to many chemicals or foods. And still others have extremely rare allergies, like being allergic to direct sunlight. A semen allergy falls into that extremely uncommon category.

A semen allergy stems from a particular protein in a man’s semen that interacts in an unfavorable manner with the immune system. When semen touches the skin, it brings about rashes, hives, swelling, burning, itching, and any other dermatological issues. For most, the allergy is really severe that coming into touch with semen is able to cause anaphylactic shock.

The outcomes of this for a woman are evident. A semen allergy makes it challenging, if not impossible, to have intercourse. In addition, it produces issues in other areas; for example, a woman with a major semen allergy who desires to get pregnant will more than likely have to go through in vitro fertilization, making sure that the semen of the partner of her rarely really touches her.

Though a semen allergy is usually present in girls, males are usually allergic to semen, too. The truth is, a natural male enhancers (please click the next webpage) can be sensitive to the own semen of his! Talk about a serious entry across the world of penis problems.

What can be achieved about a semen allergy?

Fortunately, there are some options. A man who is afflicted with a semen allergy will want to avoid touching the own semen of his, for reasons that are obvious. When he masturbates, he need to be certain to ejaculate in such a way that he will not get all of the semen on himself. Sex is a little trickier, although some males who have only a gentle allergy may be able to escape with hopping in to the shower immediately after the coupling is done, so as to rid themselves of semen as well as reduce the effects.

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