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After practicing dentistry for twenty eight years I can say that the dental patients today are probably the luckiest patients in history. There are plenty of choices readily available for so many dental problems and with a really high rate of achievement.

Gum disease

11 months agoGum disease

We’ve learned a lot about the causes of gum disease and quite a few treatments are available. Needless to say the proper way to prevent gum disease is to use good home care. Once you have gum disease it can usually be managed with antibiotics placed under the gums. The newer mouth rinses are prescribed to keep bacteria balanced but if you require gum surgery we now have brand new medical techniques which preserve a great deal of your gums rather than basically taking out the bad parts of your gums. Not all periodontists are familiar with newer surgical techniques absolutely make sure you ask about it prior to the treatment of yours.

Lacking teeth

Lacking teeth

Because there are a lot of ways to change missing teeth today make sure the dentist of yours is updated on the brand new dentistry. Missing teeth might be replaced with permanent or removable replacements. Removable replacements could be made of rigid or flexible materials. Each one has disadvantages and advantages. Also the clips that hold them in might be made of metal or maybe they can look like your gums. Ask the dental professional of yours to show you examples of each. Non-removable replacements can be done with implants or crowns. Crowns need drilling on teeth as well as implants are positioned in the bone. Nowadays implants can last longer compared to crowns and Prodentim they don’t be decayed like teeth with crowns on them.

11 days agoBraces


Teeth could be moved with traditional braces with wires and they could be moved with clear aligners. Clear aligners aren’t noticeable on the teeth and are formulated using computer aided design. In the office of ours we can do both sorts of braces and frequently we place little temporary implants in to help the teeth move. Once your problem is evaluated we can show you what options are likely so you can make a choice. After you complete your orthodontic treatment we are able to make a clear retainer which is almost invisible.

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