How to Tell If You’ve An Enlarged Prostate

No matter how physically healthy or unhealthy you are, if you’re a male over the age of forty-five, there’s a 50 percent chance you’ve prostate enlargement. Physicians call it benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH).

That is right… a fifty % chance!

The signs and symptoms of an enlarged prostate are sometimes painful, embarrassing, and frustrating. A typical symptoms are:

* A regular and sometimes urgent need to urinate

* A frustrating inability to totally empty the bladder

* A weak urine stream, and bloody or painful urination.

But the most troublesome symptom is the frequent nighttime craving to urinate which results in sleep disrupting visits to the bathroom.

Assuming you have experienced any of these symptoms, you’re not the best prostate supplement only one. Every year, as many as twelve million American men suffer from symptoms of prostate enlargement enlargement.html that happen to be extremely agonizing they’re forced to seek medical treatment!

Digital Rectal Exam

PSA Test

Urinary Flow Rate Measurement

Us Urologic Association Symptom Index

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