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Last month, I’d my first dental check up in eighteen months and I was looking to record my experience — a great deal has changed during the last 18 months, in terms of my diet and lifestyle. So here is a report on the current dental health of mine — the dental wellness of a person whose life has changed considerably for the better.

When I went for my last dental check up, I was smoking 20 cigarettes as morning, I was drinking sugar filled white wine, 6 8 pints of coffee 1 day, I was eating sweet-tasting sugary processed foods continuously and I ate many jelly sweets. Similar to all great folks though, I brushed my teeth two times one day and swilled with mouthwash — this’s enough right?

Just how Was My Dental Health eighteen Months Ago

How Was My Dental Health 18 Months Ago

When I visited the dentist for a check up eighteen months ago, the visit resulted in me having a filling since a cavity had worsened as well as needed refilling, I needed a scale and polish because my teeth had been brown (from copious quantities and nicotine of coffee), tartar had collected close to all of my teeth as well as the dentist was thinking about capping an additional tooth. Not good right? There is no hiding your life bad breath from throat ( a dentist — she just knew I smoked, she knew I was having much more alcohol than I ought to have been, she knew about the coffee habit of mine and also about my addiction to sugar!! I was stunned. The toothpaste I was using, was the identical toothpaste which is commonly available around the world in most food markets, and I didn’t usually get the priciest toothpaste either.

It was only after this visit, I was told by my medical practitioner which I was heading for a fatal heart attack unless my lifestyle improved and when I met the medical mentor of mine and then started my journey into organic life.

What Changed?

What Changed?

Individuals who don’t understand my story, might be curious about what I altered in order to impact on the dental health of mine.

What was The Outcome of My Latest Checkup4 months ago

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