Breakthrough Prostate Cancer Animal Study Presented at International Oncology Conference

One out of every six males in this country is fighting with prostate cancer, and wading through your many therapies may be confusing. Numerous variables come into play in your battle against prostate cancer-and being familiar with the latest research is the fastest way to ensure that you are making the proper choices for your overall health. A brand new pre-clinical study conducted by researchers at the Indiana Faculty Health Methodist Research Institute confirms the remarkable results of one specific pure system against aggressive prostate cancer tumors. The study was carried out on lab animals with a human xenograft version, which I have outlined below. Lead Investigator Dr. Daniel Sliva presented the latest results of this research to countless researchers and health doctors in Rhodes, Greece, during the 16th World Congress on Advances in Oncology and 14th International Symposium on Molecular Medicine, where I also presented on the role of Integrative Medicine and Modified Citrus Pectin in cancer therapy.

In his business presentation, Dr. Sliva discussed the end result of this in vivo (live animal) study, demonstrating the considerable effects of the formula in suppressing the proliferation as well as metastasis of human hormone refractory (androgen independent) prostate cancer cells. Also, the toxicology analysis proved that this formula is non-toxic and poses no risk of unintended effects. Dr. Sliva states «dietary supplements are utilized as adjuvant or alternative therapies, but rigorous systematic verification of the biological activity of theirs in vitro and in vivo is needed for the acceptance of dietary supplements in typical cancer treatment and prevention.»

This study is significant because hormone refractory prostate cancer (androgen independent) is especially hard to treat. It’s the more intense, advanced form of prostate cancer which usually results in progression and metastasis of the cancer.

Formulated with Natural Ingredients Proven to Support Prostate

This all natural formulation I personally created and propose to the patients of mine, prostadine reviews amazon ( combines botanical extracts, phytonutrients, botanically-enhanced medicinal mushrooms, and antioxidants. Ingredients have been selected based on scientific research demonstrating their abilities to fight prostate abnormalities as well as deliver broad spectrum prostate assistance.

Formula Inhibits Tumor Growth as well as Genes Related to Metastasis

Results of the research show that the oral administration of this particular formula produced a statistically significant suppression of tumor development, when compared with controls. The study was performed using a xenograft type of human prostate cancer in rats. A xenograft design is when tissue or organs from a person of one species are transplanted or maybe grafted upon an organism of an additional species, genus, or family members. Therefore extremely ambitious human prostate cancer cells (tissue) are grafted upon a lab animal, and this in such a case were mice.

Along with a significant reduction in tumor volume, outcomes of this particular study showed the formula even worked to inhibit a selection of genes involved in cancer proliferation and metastasis. 2 interesting genes which were stopped relate to the metastatic potential and can talk about on the capability of the preparing to not only prevent the main tumor growth, but also the metastatic procedure, a more important advantage in the fight against aggressive prostate cancer.

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