Enlarged Prostate Treatment Found in Tree Bark

It’s not always simple to find enlarged prostate treatment that actually works long term. But there’s one solution that folks are starting to use ever more. And it can come not coming from a doctor’s office… however the bark of a tree.

Examine the out:

The bark of the tree Pygeum Africanum has an extraordinary extract that has benefits that are countless to folks struggling with prostatitis or BPH.

For wakame; urbanmatter.com, one element, it may help block both DHT and aromatase.

DHT is a hormone that is often responsible for a bloated prostate growing.

And aromatase is responsible for your body (and prostate) swelling up with excessive levels of estrogen (which can’t merely mess up your prostate health, but they can give you «man boobs», too).

But that is not all pygeum does.

In addition to helping with high amounts of DHT and estrogen (again, each of which can wreak havoc on your prostate), it could also help the bladder of yours clear and enable it to be easier to start peeing.

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