Professional Vastu Practitioner Online Course

Master Vastu Shastra with the Best Online Vastu Course in India

Welcome to Vedicology Academy’s Online Vastu Professional Practitioner Course, a comprehensive, advanced, and meticulously designed Vastu course online. Our program stands out among other Vastu courses in India, offering an unparalleled blend of theoretical understanding and hands-on experience in Vastu Shastra.

Unmatched Course Structure

This Online Vastu course extends over 30 weeks and includes 60 hours of live online classes, 20 hours of custom-made video sessions, 10 live projects, and 25 independent residential and Numerology For Vehicle Number commercial Vastu assignments. The curriculum further provides each participant with an opportunity to work on 5 independent Vastu assessments and receive rectification support, truly setting our course apart from other Vastu courses in India.

Rigorous Curriculum

The Online Vastu Professional Practitioner Course at Vedicology Academy covers 20 key aspects of Vastu Shastra, each module designed to ensure in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience.

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